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Frequently Asked Questions

What computer programs do I need to access the Nebraska Budget Request and Reporting System?  Do I need any special programs, such as Citrix?

The budget application is a web-based application that requires only a web browser to use.  No other applications are required.

What web browser program can be used with budget application?

The latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are supported.  Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 are supported.  Internet Explorer 11 is not currently supported.

What resolution on my monitor is best used to view the budget application?

The application was designed to be viewed at a resolution of 1240x1068. A setting smaller than this might result in additional vertical or horizontal scrolling.

What does “Hide Menu” mean?

Clicking on Hide Menu will hide the left menu from view. This could help make more of the screen visible, thereby increasing the field widths and reducing the need for horizontal scrolling.

What does “Show Menu” mean?

Clicking on Show Menu will bring the left menu back into view. This could reduce the field widths and potentially increase the amount of horizontal scrolling needed to see data on the screen.

When are budget requests for the 2019-2021 biennium due?

On or before September 15, 2018.

What does the blue question mark symbol to the right of the screen name mean?

Clicking on the blue question mark symbol will bring up step-by-step instructions which include content expectations for the various system screens.

I don’t have access to certain areas within the system.  Why is this?  How can I tell what my access should be?

Your agency has assigned you a specific system Role.  If you hover your mouse pointer over your ID in the upper right corner of the screen, your assigned Role will be displayed.  Have your Agency Administrator contact the State Budget Division if this Role does not afford you the level of access that you require.

Does the application automatically save my data?

No.  You must click the Save button to save your data.  It is recommended that you click Save frequently during your interaction with the system so as to avoid any unintended data loss.

Can I see the information entered during the last budget cycle?

Yes.  The submitted budget request for prior budget cycles can be viewed by changing the Budget Cycle to “2017-2019" or some other available value.  You will not be able to change any information but you can view the data and print any reports.  Additionally, you may need to have access given to you by your NBRRS Agency Administrator.

What is an Issue?

An Issue is a distinct “decision point” developed by an agency for its budget request within which the agency requests a change in appropriation and/or salary limit for consideration by the Governor and Legislature (the change is relative to the base appropriation and salary limit level).  An Issue might affect only one subprogram within one program or might involve every subprogram in the agency.

Issues are categorized into Issue Types.  They include Agency Issues (specific to the agency), IT Issues (an issue created to accompany an IT Project Proposal), Multi-Agency Issues (an inter-agency issue), and Enterprise Issues (an issue common to most, if not all, agencies such as DAS Accounting assessments).

Multi-Agency and Enterprise Issues are created by the State Budget Division and assigned to agencies.  Multi-Agency Issues will be created and assigned at the request of an agency or agencies.

Can I attach files to my budget request?

Yes.  Files may be attached on any narrative screen tab.

Is there a limit to how big an attachment can be?

Yes.  An attachment will be limited to 3MB.

Will I be limited to how many attachments I include in the budget request?


Can any type of file be attached?

Yes, but video files are likely too large to be practical.  Files in a format commonly available to the public, such as Adobe PDF, are highly recommended.  Also, be aware of what you name your file as that file will be available to the public.

Can an attachment to a Narrative be used to replace the Narrative itself?

No.  Narrative is required to be provided via the text editor windows in the system.  Note the minimum and maximum character requirements on each narrative tab.  The number of characters in the text editor window will update after each Save.

Is the budget application accessible to agencies that have their own security and firewall systems?

That may depend on the specific firewall limitations constructed by the agency.  Generally, all that is required is access the budget system is access to the Internet.

When switching from one narrative screen to another, such as from Agency Narrative to Program Narrative, is there a prompt to let me know I should Save or that I will lose data if I haven’t Saved?

No.  Navigating away from a narrative screen without saving may result in the loss of entered text.  It is recommended that you click Save frequently to avoid an unintended loss of data.

Is operating budget request narrative submitted with previous budget requests going to be copied over from the prior budget request?

Yes.  The NBRRS Agency Administrator for the agency or the agency Director can request to have the Agency, Program and Division narrative copied forward from the prior budget submission.

Are the Building Renewal Project Narratives going to be carried over to the 2019-2021 budget cycle?

Yes.  The Agency Administrator in the NBRRS for the agency can selectively copy Building Renewal Project data, including narrative, from the prior budget submission to the 2019-2021 budget request using the Building Renewal Project Copy screen.

What format can reports be printed in?

You can choose to print in either HTML or PDF format.  The final Budget Request Document will be produced in PDF format.  It is highly recommended that an agency print reports in PDF format prior to submission to confirm the report looks correct.

Can more than one browser session be opened by the same user at the one time?

Yes, but two different users cannot edit the same data set at the same time.

What is the “Copy Cur Appr to Est Sal” button for on the Permanent Salaries Base?

Using this button copies the salary figures from the base Current Appropriation column into the “Est Salary” column.

Will the State Budget Division upload FY 2018-19 base year budget data on the Base Appropriation screen if an Agency has already entered “Budgeted Amounts” into EnterpriseOne for the Budget Status Report?

Yes, at the request of the agency.   Please note that data entered in EnterpriseOne for the Budget Status Report must be at the same level of detail as the agency’s budget request and utilize the proper subledger entries to separately identify “new” appropriation, reappropriations, and certified encumbrance reappropriations.

Will optional Object Codes roll up to Major Account Category totals?


Are Issues prepared at the program or subprogram level?

Issues include subprogram detail.

Would increased utility costs be an example of an Issue?


Can you enter negative numbers as part of an Issue?

Yes.  This would represent a reduction in requested level of appropriation or salary limit.

Can different Users work on the same Issue if they are in different Programs?

No, because the system will lock the Issue once a user enters EDIT mode.

Will the budget system automatically calculate employee benefit amounts like retirement and health insurance?

No.  Agencies will need to use the rates included in the budget instructions to calculate these benefit costs based on individual circumstances and enter these amounts manually.

Is there a specific screen showing Agency request totals if they have no Issues?

There is no screen that will show this information.  Agency, Division, Program, and Subprogram level request reports are available to view budget request totals.

How do you distinguish between one-time costs and continuation costs on the IT Project screens?

The IT project screen identifies the IT project for consideration by the NITC.  Creation of an IT Project Proposal automatically generates an IT Issue within the agency’s request.   The agency must separately enter the request amounts for the IT Issue for consideration by the Governor and Legislature.

Will there be a warning if you attempt to leave a screen without saving?

Yes for data input screens, but not for Narrative screens.

What happens if I leave the system logged in for a period of time with no activity?

The system will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity. You will receive a warning when 5 minutes are left.  If during that 5 minutes you perform any action that updates the screen (e.g. SAVE or change to different screen,) the 30 minute timer will restart.

If I am automatically logged out for inactivity on the system, will the system Save my data first?

No.  The system will not automatically Save your data.  Any data entered after your last Save will be lost.

If an Agency budget request is just a continuation of the base year appropriation and salary limit, do I need to enter an Issue?

No, but the Agency needs to be sure the base year amounts accurately reflect the budget they can support in the next biennium.

Why can’t I see a fund on the Funds Analysis screen?

It is possible that the fund you are looking for may be a child of another fund or still needs to be assigned to your agency.  Contact your State Budget Division budget analyst for assistance.

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